There’s no denying that steel is an excellent choice for construction in many different sectors, be it commercial, industrial or residential. Picking the right steel fabricator for a job is the first step to ensuring a smooth and efficient building process. Without a reliable steel supplier, a project can fall flat very quickly, and if you don’t have a fabricator that you’ve used in the past, the task of finding one for a job can be daunting. These are some things to look out for to help you choose a steel fabricator that is right for you.

Choosing A Steel Fabricator

There are a few very important things to consider when you choose a steel fabricator that will ultimately impact how smoothly a project runs and how much it costs. These are some key considerations.

Their Product

Despite levels of experience in the field, no two steel fabricators are exactly the same. Reputation and quality of work are key factors to consider when choosing a steel fabricator. Testimonials are a great way of identifying which companies have a good reputation. Most fabrication sites will have a testimonials section, and although they will always published positive reviews, it is still helpful to view these and use your best judgement to see which are the most legitimate.

Most fabricators will also have a public portfolio of the work they’ve done, and again, while they will generally post only their best work, it’s a good indication of the calibre that they work in. Look for identifying factors such as quality of past clients, difficulty of particular jobs, and positive attributes of their work. Choosing a steel fabricator in Sydney will generally present you with a wide range of options – judging the quality of their product using your own intuition can go a long way in picking the right one.


Steel manufacturing is an industry that holds great stead in experience. Companies that cut corners and hire inexperienced employers are often a poor choice. The best way to deduce the level of experience that a company truly has is to do some homework, and come back with some questions (communication is a big factor in getting a steel quote and choosing the right company for a job). Some key areas to focus on are:

• Knowledge of industry codes and regulations

• How they run operations

• Projects that are similar to yours

• Ask for references and testimonials – a good fabricator will be happy to pass them over

• Discussion about most efficient methods – and how to keep costs down

Choosing A Steel Fabricator

Services and Capabilities

A fully servicing steel fabricator is your best option. A company that encompasses a wide range of capabilities will make a project run much smoother and will help keep costs down. Experience in multiple fields also shows a level of professionalism and understanding of the industry that some fabricators won’t have. Relevant services include:

• Fabrication

Steel drafting and detailing

Surface treatment

Delivery and installation

A company that has an eye for/understanding of design will also help streamline the process in a big way. Finding fabricator that can efficiently work from architects notes and sketches, or engineers detail, right through to manufacture and delivery, is very important.

Location and Transportation Fees

In steel fabrication, choosing local is quite important for a number of reasons. Having your fabricator close by for consultation purposes is a huge peace of mind, and sourcing services from inter state can be a huge pain in the neck. You will want someone that can quote quickly and easily.

Another factor to consider is transportation fees, which can stack up exponentially if sourcing materials from across the country. Be sure to do some number crunching before making any decisions to avoid paying unnecessary (and massive) fees for transport.

Choosing a Steel Fabricator


You don’t want to shoot too low, or too high, and sometimes those in the middle won’t be the right fit for you. No, choosing a steel fabrication company based purely on price is precarious ground. It should be one of many factors influencing your decision.

Getting a steel fabrication quote from multiple companies in important, and almost there will be discrepancies. Companies differ, and their pricing structure will reflect this. Some will quote high because of manufacture costs, but this may ultimately make delivery and installation cheaper. A small fabricator may come across as more expensive, but ultimately may be offer much better, more bespoke services.

Some key pricing factors to consider are whether they:

• Come across willing and able to work closely in finding solutions for challenges in a project

• Understand realistic industry pricing standards and works around them

• Suggest what the most cost-effective way to go about the project is. Lower costs for you will generally mean lower costs for the fabricator

• Have control of the delivery and installation process

Communication and Customer Service

A close degree of contact and communication is highly desired when choosing a steel fabricator, especially for custom projects. Building relationships is a great way to ensure future projects will run smoothly. A solid flow of communication between you and your fabricator will ensure a healthy relationship; overall this will help reduce stress and confusion.

Look for fabricators who consider what you are trying to achieve and communicate the best way to achieve this. Look for those that are honest and transparent, and those who talk you through the process thoroughly. Mistakes can be made and a fabricator who can admit this and made amendments accordingly is something to commend. Ask questions and take note of answers. Again, use your intuition and judgement of character.

At Steel Fabrication Services, we pride ourselves on our reputation and years of experience dealing with builders, contractors and building owners. For us, the importance of quality is paramount, and we love working closely with customers to achieve the best results for all. We also proudly operate in a number of field, meaning that when it comes to steel, we cover everything.  If you need professional advice get a steel quote from us and talk to the experts at Steel Fabrication Services, because no one knows steel like we do.