Steel mesh is integral in construction, mainly used for concrete reinforcing. It has a wide array of applications, including driveway paving, patio and house slabbing, building reinforcement, and rural applications such as fencing. Here are the most common types of mesh steel available.

Mesh steel is an integral part of laying concrete – it also has a few other uses, all covered below.

Square Mesh

Square reinforcing mesh is a great multi-purpose reinforcement for concrete. Common uses include driveway paving, patio and house slabbing, building reinforcements. As its name implies, the mesh is square and is also often ribbed to fuse better with the concrete. Sizes vary.

square mesh

Rectangular Mesh

Rectangular steel mesh is another common concrete reinforcement. The mesh is L-shaped and is commonly used in concrete slabs for pavements, panels, warehouse and industrial shed slabs, tilt-up slabs, driveways and patio slabs. Sizes vary.

steel mesh

Trench Mesh

Trench mesh is a long, thin strip of steel mesh commonly used in residential and industrial buildings to reinforce concrete footings and beams.

Ute Mesh

Ute Mesh is a ribbed mesh that is safe and legal to transport on utes and small trucks without overhang. It’s also the right size for one person to carry without risk of injury.

square mesh

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