Forged steel is an alloy of carbon and iron which is manufactured by a series of compressions under extremely high pressure.

forged steel

Generally speaking, forged steel has less surface porosity, finer grain structure, higher tensile strength, better strength, and greater ductility than any other steel processing. Read on to find out about forged steel and its many diverse applications.

Manufacturing forged steel

When steel is heated to forging temperature, it becomes ductile and malleable and be moulded to various shapes with the aid of extreme pressure. Steel forging needs an induction heating system, forge furnace, or forge oven to heat the steel to a sufficient temperature. Metallurgical recrystallization and grain refinement are a result of the process which works to strengthen the forged steel product. Steel forging can be classified into three categories depending upon the forming temperature:

Hot forging of steel: The forging temperature is between 950 and 1250 degrees Celsius, resulting in good formability and requiring low forming forces.

Warm forging of steel: The forging temperature is between 750 and 950 degrees Celsius, resulting in limited formability and requiring higher forming compared to hot forging.

Cold forging of steel: The forging temperature is at room condition, self-heating up to 150 degrees Celsius, resulting in low formability and requiring extreme forming forces.

Properties of forged steel

The properties of forged steel are quite unique when compared to the results of other steel manufacturing processes. The main properties of forged steel include:

  • solidity and durability
  • strength in the direction of grain flow
  • consistency and uniformity 

Applications of forged steel

The characteristics of forged steel such as strength and resistance benefit an array of diverse industries such as automotive, agricultural, aircraft and ships, tools and machinery and other general industries. For example, steel forgings can serve as pipe fittings in the oil and gas industry, or as pulleys and gear wheels in the automotive industry. 

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