There’s no question that steel is used in a lot of things. Steel is durable and can be formed with a low amount of energy, and it’s also a recyclable product making it very sustainable. There are over 3,500 grades of steel, each with their own physical property that serves a special purpose.

6 Things You Use Every Day That Couldn't Exist Without Steel

Steel has numerous properties that make it suitable for many uses in every day life. As a result, it’s almost impossible to think of a day passing without using something made from steel.


Steel is a large part of the building industry and is more and more being used in the construction of houses. Homes can be built from recyclable materials, for example, 8 recycled cars can create a steel roof, which will last 50 years – that’s three times as long as a normal roof!

Steel frames are also popular for their resistance to termites and fire. In addition to the structure of a house, steel is found in many other places including sinks, air ducts, chimneys and doors.


Just by making yourself breakfast you will likely use multiple steel or iron products. Your fridge is made of steel, so is your oven. What about that toaster and the bast of your kettle? All steel.

Fun fact, those steel hinges on your steel doors can support over 60kg of door weight!

Utensils and Cookware

Stainless steel is an important variety of steel as it is rust resistant and has sterile qualities, which makes it suitable for use in all sorts of areas in the kitchen.

Your sink, utensils and cookware are likely all made from stainless steel. Stainless steel’s sterile qualities also make it suitable for use in surgical environments, but unless you’re a doctor hopefully they’re not an everyday item.


Here’s an easy one. Steel has been a part of car manufacturing for a long time, and steel makes up 60% of the average automobile. Despite its long use in cars, the quality of Steel in automobiles has improved greatly.

Over half of the types of steel used in car manufacturing did not exist 10 years ago. Higher strength steel has allowed for stronger safer manufacturing while allowing for thinner panels and parts that save weight. Some parts that are constructed with steel include body panels, exhaust pipes, grilles and engines.


Just about all building and construction projects have an element of steel in them, from the frames of towering skyscrapers to the humble nail.

The main building components of steel include structural steel, which includes beams and columns, rebars for reinforcing, as well as mild steel, which is cheap and malleable.

Traffic lights

So you start your day making breakfast from steel, open your steel car with your steel keys and then what next? You get stuck in traffic, sitting behind steel traffic lights.

Traffic lights, as well as signs, are made from stainless steel tubes, as they are weather resistant and provide good drag co-efficiency against the wind, which can be a problem with lengthy poles.

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