Steel sections are the bread and butter of steel fabrication. Designers, architects and engineers choose different sections for their aesthetics and structural qualities – their choices determined by size, weight and profile. Steel is extremely versatile and can be moulded to many different shapes.

This mean fabricators like Steel Fabrication Services can fashion steel into to almost any shape or size, however this carries a premium. On the other hand there are many common steel sections that you will see used throughout steel construction and fabrication, and would have come across in structures everyday.

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From circular hollow sections to flat bars, here’s a look at the most common steel sections and their common uses.

Angled Sections

Angled structural steel sections can either either be equal or unequal. Both are right angled, however, unequal sections have different sized axis’ making them L-shaped. This kind of section is much stronger (up to 20%) with much higher strength to weight ratios. Angled section are used in residential construction, infrastructure, mining and transport. They are available in  wide range of lengths and sizes.

common steel sections

Parallel Flange Channels

These channelled beams are U-shaped with right angled corners – a bit like a stick of staples. They come in many different sizes, however, the two sides are always the same length and are parallel to each other. They also offer a high strength to weight ratio and have similar uses to angled sections.

common types of steel sections

Tapered Flange Beams

Taper flange beams are I-shaped sections and are also available in a wide-variety of sizes. In construction these are often used for cross-sections of girders. Though they have quite high resistance ratios, they are not usually recommended when pressure is present along their length as they are not torsion (twisting) resistant.

common types of steel sections

Circular Hollow Sections

Circular Hollow Sections have hollow tubular cross sections and have much higher resistance to torsion that tapered flange beams. Thickness of the walls are uniform around the entire circle which makes this beams great for use with multi-axis loading applications.

common types of steel sections

Rectangular Hollow Sections

Similar to circular hollow sections however they have rectangular cross sections. They are very popular in many mechanical and structural applications. Their flat surfaces make them prime for use in joining and fabrication.

common types of steel sections

Square Hollow Sections

Like their hollow section brothers but with square cross sections, these are used in smaller applications such as columns or posts. However they are unsuitable for beams as their shapes are inherently difficult to bolt into other shapes. They are also known as ‘box sections’.

common types of steel sections

Flat Sections

The most versatile steel section as they require to be attached to another section. In some cases they can be attached to another section as a strengthening tool. They are also often referred to an ‘plates’ (for example, a checker plate)

common types of steel sections

Custom Steel Sections

Steel fabricators can custom make steel sections to meet an huge array of building requirements. Learn more about custom steel here.

custom steel

Other types of Steel Sections

Checker Plate

Steel checker plate, also known as floor plate, are flat plates of metal with collections of square indents for gripping and aesthetic purposes. As their name suggests, they are used in flooring. Thicknesses vary from 3mm to 12mm.

Checker plate is also quite malleable and can be bent or rolled to suit a number of different needs. You may have seen it used for things like tool boxes and storage chests.

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Steel Mesh

Steel mesh is integral in construction, mainly used for concrete reinforcing – thus it is also known as reinforcing steel. It has a wide array of applications including driveway paving, patio and house slabbing, building reinforcement and uses in rural applications such as fencing. It comes in rectangles and squares.

steel sections

Steel Plate

Steel plate comes in a huge array of styles, finishes, grades, thicknesses and can be cut to many different sizes, used for a many different applications.

steel sections

If you are considering steel for any construction purposes and would like a professional opinion, we can help. Our team expert structural steel fabricators have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs. To contact us today, simply call, fax, email for a steel quote or drop by our Brookvale location.