If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective steel supplies in Sydney, look no further than Steel Fabrication Services.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top fabrication services for residential, industrial, commercial, retail sectors in Sydney, providing steel supplies to a wide range of projects. Take a look at the services we offer, and if you have a project in mind, get in touch today.

steel supplies

Steel is a vital resource for building and construction. We offer top quality steel supplies for residential, industrial, commercial, retail sectors in Sydney and regional NSW.

Structural Steel

We provide a wide range of structural steel supplies suitable for any project. Structural steel is a term used for steel sections that have been pre-fabricated for use as a structural element in a building.

Each of these steel sections has their own unique properties and compositions that make them suitable for different uses. For example, parallel flange channels offer a high strength to weight ratio due to their ‘staple’ shape and therefore have a wide range of uses in construction, infrastructure, mining and transport.

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Steel Stairs

A well-made, beautifully constructed steel staircase can be an amazing addition to any home or commercial building. We offer a wide range of steel stair supplies, from balustrade to stringer to handrail.

A steel staircase will last longer, is more eco-friendly, is more cost-effective and will look better than any other building options that might come your way. If you are considering steel frames for your new staircase and would like a professional opinion, we can help.

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Miscellaneous Steel

We all offer miscellaneous steel supplies to suit the needs of just about any project. From steel fencing to heavy-duty steel to custom projects, we strive to find the right solution for all for all of our customers, and always at the right price. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.

Steel Detailing and Drafting 

All projects start on paper and the screen, and as a full-service steel supplies service, we can provide a full range of steel detailing and drafting services in structural and miscellaneous steel.

For detailing and drafting in Sydney and regional New South Wales, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help. Our advanced 3D technology enables us to give our customers, detailed drawings for all parts, detailed erection plan, clear shop drawings, 3D sketches templates for RIFs, full-scale templates for complex layouts and isometric details of complex connections.

Steel Surface Treatment

We also supply a wide range of steel surface treatments to ensure your steel stays strong and retains its integrity for its entire lifespan. As standard, our structural steelwork is supplied finished in a zinc phosphate primer. We can, however, deliver items in a range of finishes to meet your exact requirements, from hot dip galvanisation to powder coating.

If you are looking for quality steel supplies for a project, look no further than Steel Fabrication Services. From structural steel to surface treatment, we provide all our customer with only the best products and service.

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