Steel is an optimal choice for building in any industry sector, be it industrial, commerical or residential. But for any job to go smoothly, ensuring that you are getting your steel from a trustworthy source is a crucial first step.

Picking the right steel fabricator is absolutely vital for an efficient job from start to finish, so taking your time and considering who you will be working with is extremely important. Here are 6 key factors you should be taking into account when choosing a steel fabrication company.

steel fabrication company

Knowing you are getting your steel from a trustworthy source is crucial to a smooth and efficient building process. Here are 6 key factors you be taking into account when choosing a steel fabrication company.

Their Location

When considering different steel fabricators, location is very important. More often than not, choosing local is the way to go. Firstly, when it comes to peace of mind, knowing your fabricator is at hand to handle any questions, to be able to quote quickly and to offer advice on a job is a huge positive.

Sourcing steel services from interstate can be a massive pain. While you my find a cheaper steel fabricator somewhere else, transporting steel supplies across the country can very expensive. Be sure to do some number crunching, considering location and all extraneous costs.

Their Services and Capabilities

Working with a full service steel fabrication company is always your best option. Fabricators with a wide range of capabilities that can be applied to different aspects of your job will ensure it runs far more efficiently. Also, a wide range of skills and experience in multiple fields shows a higher level of professionalism and a deeper understanding of the steel industry. Relevant services include:

Steel fabrication

Steel drafting and detailing

Surface treatment

Delivery and installation

Working with a steel fabricator that can competently work from architects notes and sketches, or engineer’s detail, right through to manufacture and delivery, is  very important.

Their Experience

When choosing a service in any industry, considering a company’s experience is crucial to making the right decision. This process will require a little research on your part. Don’t be afraid to ask potential fabricators lots of questions. Communication is very important (see below).

Some relevant areas to focus on when considering a fabricator’s experience levels include:

• Knowledge of industry codes and regulations

• The way they run operations

• Past projects they have worked on (particularly those that are similar to yours)

• Reputation (testimonials and references are key here – any good steel fabrication company will gladly hand them over or have them visible on their website)

• Communication (an experienced fabricator will be able to discuss your job with you openly)

Their Work

When choosing a steel fabricator, looking at the projects they have worked on in the past is a great way to identify the best options. Quality of work is perhaps the best indicator of a fabricators proficiency, so make sure you set aside time to research different fabricator’s portfolios. Most good companies will have their portfolio avaliable for your perusal on their website.

Look for key factors such as the type of clients they’ve worked with, difficulty of certain jobs, and quality of their work. Choosing a steel fabricator in Sydney will present you with a wide range of options – judging the positive attributes of their work using your own intuition can go a long way in picking the right one.

Their Costs

Choosing a steel fabricator in Sydney based purely on cost is very precarious – it should be just one of many factors that influence your decision. Getting a steel fabrication quote from multiple companies in important. That way you will generally get a fairly good spread of the different price bases companies offer.

Remember, companies differ, and their pricing will reflect this. Larger companies may have high manufacturing costs, but in the end, they may be cheaper due to reduced expenses in delivery and installation. On the other hand, smaller company may seem pricey, but offer a more nimble, hands-on service.

In the end, it really depends on your job. Here are a few key things to take note of:

• Whether a fabricator is willing to negotiate and find solutions for making your project run as efficiently as possible

• Their understanding of standards and how they work around them

• Whether they are actively looking for ways to reduce costs

• Have sway over deliver and installation costs

Their Communication Skills

The best fabricators will generally be excellent communicators too. Experience manifests in articulation, so again, be sure to ask lots of question when discussing a potential job with a fabricator.

Be on the lookout for fabricators who listen to what you are trying to achieve and can offer suggestions on the best way to do so. Honesty and transparency are two crucial qualities in steel fabrication – those that are willing to talk you through the entire process, from the mistakes to the success, are your best option. Most of all, use your best judgement. It will usually become apparent if a fabricator is right for you or not, you just need to look in the right places.

Steel Fabrication Services can help!

For us, the importance of quality is paramount, and we love working closely with customers to achieve the best results for all. We also proudly operate in a number of fields, meaning that when it comes to steel, we cover everything from custom steel to staircases.

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