During machining processes or metalworking, it is not uncommon for metal parts to become burred. A burr is a raised edge or small piece of material that remains attached to a workpiece after a modification process. Burrs are usually unwanted and can often be sharp, posing a risk to those who handle the metal parts.

So, how do we neaten and smooth the rough edges or ridges of a burred piece of metal? Through the process of deburring. Read our guide to find out more.

How do burrs occur?

In metalworking, there are a number of reasons a piece of metal may become burred. It can potentially occur during stamping, fine blanking, forming, casting, sinter and molding, milling, turning, drilling and grinding. A burr may also be created because of the material being used, the quality of the tools being used, or the cutting speed of these tools.

Avoiding burrs

Burrs are most usually an unwanted side effect of working with metal. The best way to avoid burrs is by using quality tools and machinery at a reasonable pace. Furthermore, newer technology has decreased burrs. Laser cutting often leaves very little burr—but it does not eliminate it completely.


If your metal part has burrs, there are a number of deburring tools that you can use to smooth and neaten out the rough edges. Deburring can be achieved by using sanding machines and tools such as linear deburring machines, double-sided deburring machines and disc brushes. Deburring metal can be very tricky. Too much deburring can lead to misconfigured parts. In addition, the wrong kind of deburring can eliminate the original burr only to create another. 

Deburring is an incredibly important process. At Steel Fabrication Services, we ensure that we have removed any undesirable flaws and imperfections before further processing or completing our parts. In doing so, we improve safety, increase consistency and attain higher quality finished parts.

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