What is the Procedure for Working with Sheet Metal

Steel is renowned for its versatility and is the perfect material for use in many industries, from building and infrastructure to shipping, auto manufacture and appliances. Steel fabricators offer customisation that allow you to achieve almost anything with steel.

Steel is customisable, and a fabricator’s job is to transform basic sections of steel into different shapes, which fulfils the needs of our customers. Discover the endless potential of steel fabricators as well as the different types of steel customisation available.

Steel fabrication and quality customisation is our passion

Steel fabricators use a number of techniques to transform basic steel sections into custom shapes that are defined by our valued customers. In particular, our team work closely with architects, steel drafters and detailers, consumers and manufacturers to bring plans to life.

Modern steel fabrication utilises high-tech computer software such Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems and 3D modelling. At Steelfab, we can manufacture very high-quality custom steel products with absolute precision that our customers rely on time and time again. For us, there is no challenge too large or too small and we are excited by creative and innovative ideas. 

Who needs customised steel products?

Steel fabricators manufacture an array of custom products for a huge range of industry needs. Some common types of custom steel include:

  • Universal beams
  • Universal columns
  • Bar joists
  • Platforms
  • Ladders
  • Pipe racks
  • Frames
  • Trusses
  • Grating
  • Skids
  • Steel stairs
  • Stair balustrades
  • Brackets
  • Steel enclosures
  • Steel cabinets
  • Stringers
  • Other custom designs

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