Steel is one of the most recyclable materials globally; it can be melted down and reused in any number of ways without losing its integrity. However, some very talented people using recycled steel in a very different way to most: to make art.

recycled steel

Some say that one man’s trash is man’s another man’s treasure. When it comes to recycled steel art, this has never been more true.

Andrew Chase

Andrew Chase is an incredibly talented photographer and sculptor who makes animal sculptures from various recycled steel parts from, sheets to wheels. The wolf below is just one of a series that also included an elephant, a cheetah and a Tyrannosaurus. Check them out here.

recycled steel

Garage 54

Garage 54 use scrap steel (amongst other materials) to make small, abstract sculptures with minimal alterations to the original materials. Each sculpture is a unique creation, some useful, some purely aesthetic. Our favourite is their Steel Emulsion piece – a camera made entirely from steel cogs, nuts and bars.

recycled steel


Irish company Robosteel uses steel parts from cars, planes and motorcycles to create gigantic sculptures of movie characters (Alien, Predator, the Terminator, Star Wars, Spiderman etc.). They also do custom work – if you’ve got anything in mind.

Recycle Art

Recycle Art are a Swiss company that also make terrifying animal sculptures (plus an array of other works) from recycled structural steel parts taken from cars and motorcycles. Their tallest sculpture sits at 8 metres high. Check out a gallery of their best work here.

recycled steel

Lin Evola-Smidt

Lin Evola-Smidt is a renowned artist who gained quite a lot of recognition in the 90s for her Peace Angels body of work. The project aims to promote peace and discourage violence by using melted down (steel) weapons to create renaissance peace angels sculptures. She works quite closely with law enforcement agencies and governments to gain access to the weapons that allow her to build these beautiful sculptures.

recycled steel

Kreat Works

Kreat Works create incredibly detailed scrap steel sculptures at an impressive rate. Their portfolio includes various characters from movie and folklore, including characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien and Predator, Star Wars, Wall-E, the Hulk and Hellboy. Check out all of their sculptures here. Many are for sale!

recycled steel

Bob ‘Stig’ Campbell

Bob Campbell, also known as Stig, creates unique pieces from scrap steel items, specialising in cogs, saws and chains to make industrial furniture. To add an element of comfort, these steel pieces are embellished with wood, leather and cushioning and are 100% functional (and for sale).

recycled steel

Peter Root

Peter Root‘s Ephemicropolis is a little smaller than these other examples, utilising over 100,000 steel staples to recreate a city skyline. It took over 40 hours to make back in 2010, and he is currently working towards a 1 million staple version.

Lee Jae Hyo

Lee Jae Hyo is a master of using recycled materials to create marvellous pieces of art. His works use a range of materials like wood and stone, but his steel ones are the most striking. His work, titled “00121-110=106062 (Bench) is made from hundreds of old steel nails, pounded into a slab of wood, then bent into shape and polished. The wood was then set on fire, giving it a distinct charred look.

recycled steel

Giants of Steel

Armin Ciesielski, Peter Brakel and Walter Willer from German company Giants of Steel take the cake when it comes to recycled steel masterpieces. The trio builds an extremely detailed replica of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” using 10,000 pieces of scrap metal. The level of intricacy here is absolutely mind-blowing. See below:

recycled steel recycled steel recycled steel recycled steel

The depth of creativity that steel fabrication can inspire in architecture is truly incredible. Steel Fabrication Services are proud to work in a range of steel industry fields, from steel detailing and drafting, steel installation and delivery and working with structural steel.

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