Steel fabrication plays a vital role in many different industries. Steel is revered for its versatility, extremely high tensile strength and value. It is also the most eco-friendly option across the board, many industries choosing it for its recyclable nature.

Any industry that deals with metal would benefit from steel fabrication but there are a few sectors, both industrial and residential, that steel fabricators deal with every day.

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From architects to the military, there are a wide variety of industries that require steel fabrication services – a true testament to the versatility and reliability that has made steel one of the most important material we use today.

Architectural Steel

Steel fabricators deal with architects frequently. The versatility of steel lends itself for use in many different residential and commercial applications, and often it is the only choice for innovative designs and complex structural elements. More contemporary architects lean towards steel-focused interior finishes, keeping in line with modern aesthetics and trends. This includes decorative wall or ceiling work, steel staircasesornate staircases, handrails and balustrades, gates and facades. Stainless steel is also popular in contemporary kitchen design.

Steel is also much sturdier, resilient and more eco-friendly than any other structural material and is the element of choice for builders across the world.

Structural Steel in Commercial Construction

Structural steel is the lifeblood of steel fabrication and of the constriction industry. You will find it used in construction across a number of applications, favoured because it has an excellent strength to weight ratio, it is malleable – meaning that it can be moulded efficiently into many different shapes – and it joins easily.

Steel is the key element to many different structures, from skyscrapers to buildings and many of the incredible structures we come across everyday could not have been constructed without steel.

Structural steel is also highly regulated, meaning that the size, shape, composition and integrity always meet a standard before use. A steel structure is also non-combustible so it is fire resistant, non-corrosive and unyielding to the elements. You can rely on steel in construction.

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Residential Steel

Steel is high favoured in residential construction. Steel framed houses have a number of advantages over wooden ones.

Steel’s impressive strength to weight ratio allows it to span greater distances than structures made from wood, so you can get as creative as you like with your design and incorporate far larger and more open spaces.

The durability you get from steel will mean less chance of damage, none of those costly repairs wood frames are known for, and you will even save money on your home insurance. Investing in steel will also boost the value of your home which could be quite lucrative if you ever decide to sell. A steel framed house will look better, last longer and provide you and your family with far greater protection than a wood framed alternative.


Steel is closely linked with the mining industry. Aside from iron ore (one of they key elements of steel) being a major mining export across the world, structural steel is also vital to mining infastructure. It is used across many different applications such as office and warehouse building, workshops and storage, structural elements of mines, walkways and loading facilities. Major sections used in mining include rails, beams and rods, plus smaller steel materials like grating, pipes and fittings.


The shipbuilding industry heavily relies on steel as a major element for construction, from supertankers to small ferries and some recreational boats. Major industry products include steel flooring and grating, ladders, some fabricated sections, steel sheets for hulls, stairs and conveyance tubing. It is used across ship repair and maintenance industries, as well as military sectors who require steel across a massive range of applications.

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The transport industry contributes to about 16% of the global consumption of steel. A major chunk of that is the automotive industry. Cars utilise steel for many different aspects of their composition, from safety reinforcements to structural elements. Modern cars require a higher quality of steel that is both lighter and stronger than your average fabricated steel. This is called Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) developed from refined chemical compositions and precise heating and cooling processes that result in an extremely strong, ductile and lightweight metal.

While not all of these are applications that your average steel fabricator will come across everyday, it is fascinating to see just how pervasive steel is in the modern world. If you are in need of quality steel fabrication contact Steel Fabrication Services today. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will ensure that whatever you need will be fabricated to the highest standards, according to your specifications, and delivered when you want and need it.