No matter what industry sector you are looking to build in – be it industrial, residential or commercial – maximising space will be a chief concern from the start of the project. And an excellent way to achieve this is to look up. A steel mezzanine may be the perfect to solution to any spacial issues you are trying to resolve. Here are Steel Fabrication Services, providing quality structural steel solutions is what we do best. If you’re looking to implement a steel mezzanine into your project, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Steel Mezzanine

No matter what industry sector you are building in – be it industrial, residential or commercial – a steel mezzanine is a great way to maximise space.

What Is a Mezzanine?

A mezzanine is an intermediate storey between two other stories of greater height in a building. They have different functions depending on the space. In commercial spaces they may acts as a viewing balcony. In residential they may be a living space, such as a loft area. And in industrial spaces they may provide an room for an office space, while ensuring no space is lost for storage and other purposes. Depending on the space, mezzanines may be free standing, or be integrated into other structural elements of a building, and they are usually accessed via a short staircase.

Why Is a Steel Mezzanine a Great Option For My Project?

A steel mezzanine may be right for your project for a number of reasons:

Space: A steel mezzanine is first and foremost an excellent way to maximise space, either for storage, living or work. Not only does a mezzanine create an entirely new platform, but can provide an extra structural element for storage below.

A Modern Aesthetic: Steel mezzanines are functional, but they also lend themselves to a modern aesthetic for work and living spaces. A loft area can open up a modern home or warehouse conversion, proving an easy solution for maximising floor space while ensuring a light and minimal presentation. As we know, steel is sleek and contemporary and pairs well with many other materials and can easily be incorporated into any modern space.

Flexible: Many industrial spaces are subject to change as per the needs of the occupants. The best thing about steel is that it is modular. A steel mezzanine can be altered with relative ease to suit any adjustments in how a space needs to be used, for example, if more storage is required or if the mezzanine floor’s purpose changes.

steel stairs

Why Choose To Build With Steel?

Building with steel has many benefits:

Strength – Steel has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is the most widely used strctural material in modern construction. Nothing will outrank steel for load bearing properties.

Sustainability – Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials, with a global recycling rate of over 60%. It can be melted down and re-fabricated an infinite amount of times without losing its structural integrity and is therefore highly sustainable.

Aesthetic – Trends in construction and architecture over the last half century have favoured steel more and more, and this is absolutely the case with a mezzanine. Steel can be integrated easily into any space and pairs very well with many materials: glass, concrete, brick and wood.

Durability – Steel won’t rot, it isn’t combustible, and bugs have no appetite for it. You can count on steel for a lifetime!

Economical – Despite of its many perks, steel is actually very economical. Because building with steel takes considerably less time than building with other materials, it will save you money on labour hire. A mezzanine can also be altered as many times as required at a relatively low cost, which can save you money as your business grows.

Steel Mezzanine Fabrication With Steel Fabriction Services

A steel mezzanine will last longer, is more eco-friendly and will look better than any other options for saving space in your next project. If you are considering a steel mezzanine for your build and would like a professional opinion, we can help.

Our team of expert structural steel fabricators have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs. To contact us today, simply call, fax, email or drop by our Brookvale location.