At SFS, our skills and experience extend far beyond fabrication alone. We are a full-service steel fabricator, who can provide hands-on guidance through every stage of your project. From detailing and drafting, to manufacturing, to steel treatment, and delivery and installation.

But what’s involved in steel preparation, delivery and steel installation? In a nutshell, it’s all about getting your components on site on time, and erecting them carefully and precisely so that the work is completed to schedule and to your satisfaction.

Let’s take a closer look at the different stages of steel preparation, delivery and installation.

steel installation

Here we take a look at what’s involved with steel preparation, delivery and installation, from the early stages of your project right up to erection of components.


When it comes to building and construction, it is very important that all steel components arrive on site ready to go. This helps ensure there are no delays so the project can run as smoothly as possible. The preparation stage involves everything from applying protective coatings to steel sections, to ensuring sections are drilled to spec, ready to be erected.


Trial assemblies are sometimes carried out by steel fabricators at the plant prior to delivery (especially when dealing with complex geometric shapes) as this will ensure that each component will fit together exactly as planned. This is a crucial part of the preparation process, and could save you a lot of time, money, and hassle by ensuring there are no unexpected complications when the steel is delivered.


Communication is key when it comes to working with a steel fabricator. The best fabricators will be able to communicate clearly to ensure every aspect of a project runs smoothly, and this includes timing delivery perfectly. That way you can avoid costly delays waiting around for the components to be delivered.

Timings works the other way too: you don’t want your components delivered too early, exposing them to theft and taking up valuable space. We always ensure everything is delivered exactly when it needs to be.

steel delivery


Organisation is essential, and we make sure there are no mistakes. Every component is delivered with any necessary clips, bracing and other connection materials required for installation; otherwise, costly delays can result.

Ensure that your project manager is communicating closely and effectively with your steel supplier when organising steel deliveries because as we mentioned, timing could not be more important.


Our fabricators are highly trained professionals that have extensive experience, knowledge and qualifications in steel installation, as their work is integral to the look, quality and safety of the overall project.

Our installers work from highly detailed erection drawings of steel drafters and detailers that include the location and manner of installation for every component. In some cases your steel fabrication services may do some of the installation work themselves or send out an advisor to assist with the process.

The delivery and installation of any steel component requires extensive knowledge and precision on every level, because a misstep at any point can mean expensive delays or potentially even undermine the safety and integrity of the project.

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