Energy is essential for societal growth of all kinds and is in constant development and demand. As demand continues to rise, steel will become an even more critical material, supplying the world with energy, whether based on fossil fuels, nuclear technology, or renewable sources.

Steel and Renewable Energy

Steel is a critical material in all areas of renewable energy. Read on to find out the incredible ways that steel is helping the world run smoothly and efficiently on renewable sources.



Biomass energy is energy generated or produced by living or once-living organisms. Biogas production is an essential aspect of this and is a renewable energy that can be used for heating, electricity, and many other operations. In biogas production, corrosive compounds are a by-product of the biogas process. Steel is used in these plants for valves, pumps, pipes, fittings, and digester tanks to avoid corrosion. Furthermore, steel is used extensively in many forms of agriculture and sustainable agricultural practices.

Solar Power

Solar power involves harnessing the energy which is produced by the sun. Steel plays a key role in converting solar energy into electricity or hot water. It is used as a base for solar thermal-panels and in pumps, tanks and heat exchangers. In thermo-solar energy, stainless steels are typically used for both the inner and outer shells of water tanks, cushion absorbers, frames and fasteners. They are formed to complex shapes in order to maximise heat transfer.

Wave and tidal

Tidal energy is power produced by the surge of ocean waters during the rise and fall of tides. A steel pile is the main component of a tidal turbine in tidal energy systems. Steel is also used to make wave energy machines. To protect the systems from seawater corrosion, abrasion, and other damage, steel is used, harnessing the potential of blue energy.


Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Harnessing power from hot water sources like geysers is one of the oldest forms of renewable energy. Because the water that is produced in geothermal sources is extremely hot, it is crucial to use corrosion-resistant material. In order to ensure safe and long operation of components such as heat exchangers, condensers, piping, filters, pumps and valves, steel is always utilised.


Wind energy is the use of wind to provide mechanical power through wind turbines to turn electric generators. Steel is the main material used in onshore and off-shore wind turbines. Almost every component of a wind turbine is made of steel, from the foundation to the tower, gears and casings and without it wind power technology would be extremely limited.

Whatever the source, steel has a crucial role to play in producing and distributing energy as well as improving energy efficiency.

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