Steel is one of the most versatile building materials in the world, suitable in all aspects of residential, commercial and industrial construction. No matter the environment, steel sheds in particular need to be rugged and ready to take whatever is thrown at the moment.

If you are looking for a top quality steel fabricator for an industrial or commercial steel shed, look no further than Steel Fabrication Services. Our team of expert steel fabricators have the experience and knowledge to handle any project presented to us.

Steel shed

Steel is an excellent option for any kind of industrial or commercial shed. Here is a look at some of the key elements of steel shed fabrication.

Types of Industrial and Commercial Steel Sheds

Steel is suitable for a range of commercial and industrial applications, including:

• Aircraft Hangers: When it comes to aircraft hangers, we understand that everyone has different requirements. From the size of the aircraft(s) they house, to extra storage space, to entry points, to environmental factors, we can take your needs into account and offer the best possible solution at the best price.

• Factories and Workshops: Industrial and commerical factories and workshops are often multi-purpose spaces, and their construction must reflect this. No matter what your space is being used for – packing, manufacturing, research, or retail – we will strive to ensure it is safe, practical and work-ready.

• Storage Spaces: Storage sheds and facilties are busy places, and are often quite complex builds that are rarely the same. We manufacture structural steel to the highest standard, and with a flexibility that can meet the needs of all aspects of design.

• Shearing or Machinery Sheds: Rural shearing and machinery sheds need to be rugged and able to withstand tough conditions, and you can’t beat the strength and resilience of steel.

• Commercial Covers: Commercial covers – such as structures like petrol station covers, carpark canopies, recreational shelters or gazebos, and awnings – are everywhere in the modern world, and we all use them every day. And such important structures must be built to the highest standard, which is what we constantly strive towards.

• Boating Sheds: Much like aircraft hangers, boating sheds often have very specific requirements. One additional factor to consider tough is their proximity to water, and this will mean the steel needs to be treated accordingly. Which, of course, we can facilitate.

Steel Shed

Why Choose Steel?

Steel has many benefits that cover concerns regarding both design and functionality – it is truly the most versatile material you can build with.

Strength – Steel has extremely high tensile strength. It is an extremely durable alloy, made up of strong materials that discourage dislocation at an atomic level. You can rely on the strength of a steel shed for a lifetime.

Sustainability – Steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials, with a global recycling rate of over 90%. It can be melted down and re-fabricated an infinite amount of times without losing its structural integrity and is therefore highly sustainable for use in shedding.

Aesthetic – Trends in construction and architecture over the last half century have favoured steel more and more. A steel shed can be integrated easily into any space and pairs very well with many materials: glass, concrete, brick and wood.

Durability – Steel won’t rot, it isn’t combustible, and bugs have no appetite for it, which means it will last forever outside. High heat, extreme cold, gale force winds or torrential rain, you can count on a steel shed for a lifetime.

Economical – In spite of its many perks, steel is actually very economical. Because building with steel takes considerably less time than building with other materials, it will save you money on labour hire. Steel fabrication is also a cost efficient process, and we pass the savings onto our customers.

Industrial and Commercial Steel Sheds from Steel Fabrication Services

A steel shed will last longer, is more eco-friendly, is more cost-effective and will look better than any other building options that might come your way. If you are looking or an industrial or commercial shed, for anything other steel products, and would like a professional opinion, we can help.

Our team of expert structural steel fabricators have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs. To contact us today, simply call, fax, email or drop by our Brookvale location.

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