Stairs are an integral element of any home or building, both functionally and aesthetically. While choosing the staircase design is quite a fun process, choosing the right materials is extremely important. Steel stairs are an excellent choice for several reasons that go beyond just design and functionality. Steel is an extremely versatile building material, with perks for consumers and the environment too. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of building steel stairs.

steel stairs

Steel is truly one of the most versatile and practical materials to use in construction – especially for modern staircase design. Here are some benefits of choosing to build steel stairs.

A Modern Aesthetic

In the past half-century or so, trends in modern architecture have tended to lean towards sleek minimalist designs of which steel lends itself perfectly. Steel tends to be associated with modern, sophisticated applications in homes and construction, pairing nicely with glass and timber and other materials (a further testament to its fantastic versatility as a building material). Stagger Lee

Steel is also an extremely flexible material with an impressive strength to weight ratio. It can be fashioned to suit the needs of more left-field or forward-thinking designers and architects. Steel can also be finished with many coatings, further opening up the scope for designers to be creative with colours and patterns.

An Economic Choice

For a material so favourable across the board in construction and design, steel is still relatively cheap. Steel is one of the most economical building materials available when you consider its longevity, versatility, sturdiness, and aesthetic appeal.

Raw steel is relatively inexpensive, and manufacture and steel fabrication has become less and less labour intensive in recent years thanks to advances in the tools and technology that steel fabricators employ. Both of these factors will help reduce building costs. Steel also lasts a lifetime, further saving you money.

An Environmental Alternative

It’s widely known that the widespread felling of trees worldwide is one of the key contributors to global warming and the demise of our natural environment. A large wooden staircase requires huge amounts of fresh lumber, sourced only by cutting down trees.

Wooden staircases are also almost entirely non-recyclable, whereas steel is one of the most recycled materials globally, with a global recycling rate of over 60%. It goes without saying that it is the most eco-friendly choice.

steel stairs

A Reliable Solution

Steel is an alloy made up of iron and other materials, mainly carbon. Both of these materials discourage dislocation at an atomic level, and thus, steel has extremely high tensile strength, making it a prime building material.

Steel is also non-combustible, unlike wood. Wood will rot, but steel will not. Galvanised steel is relatively impervious to corrosion, and bugs and insects such as termites have no appetite for it. It’s as reliable as you can get when it comes to building materials and requires very minimal maintenance and care. You can always count on steel.

A Speedy Process

While using other materials may allow construction to start sooner, the steel fabrication process and erection cycle of structural steel is much faster than any other material. Steel sections come ready-made, waiting to be erected upon delivery. 3D technology allows close collaboration between designers and fabricators, greatly enhancing productivity and, in turn, speeding up the building process.

Steel stairs will look better, last longer and provide you with far greater protection than a wooden alternative. If you are considering steel stairs and would like a professional opinion, we can help.

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