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Steel houses
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If you are looking for a full-service fabricator for a steel housing project in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Steel Housing Services

We provide a full range of services for steel housing in Sydney:

Steel detailing and drafting – We provide a full range of steel detailing and drafting services for both structural steel and miscellaneous products. Our advanced 3D technology enables us to give our customers detailed drawings for all parts, detailed erection plans, clear shop drawings, 3D sketch templates for RFI’s, full-scale templates for complex layouts and isometric details of complex connections.

Steel fabrication – We provide a wide range of steel fabrication solutions for any build. We work closely with you and your structural engineers, architects and design team throughout the process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Surface treatment – As a standard, our structural steelwork and metalwork is supplied finished in a zinc phosphate primer. We can, however, deliver items with a range of treatments to meet your exact requirements, including powder coating, hot dip galvanisation, and hot zinc spray metallisation.

Steel delivery and installation – As full-service steel fabrication experts, we are highly experienced in steel delivery and installation with all types of steel products for every type of construction project. From preparation to the delivery of products to their erection, progress is carefully monitored throughout so that the work is completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Benefits of Steel Housing

There are a number of reasons why building a house with steel is far superior to using other materials:

Steel saves time – Steel components are manufactured, coated and cut to size in the factory, saving time on the site, and they are specially designed to be easy to assemble. Steel installation can also be carried out in almost any conditions, preventing costly weather delays from undermining a project.

Steel saves money – The steel manufacturing process is a lot less cost intensive, and because steel is so quick and easy to assemble it can save a huge amount on labour costs.

Steel is flexible – Steel has wonderful load-bearing capabilities, meaning it can span large distances while maintaining structural integrity, hence why it is the material of choice for architects. It can be fitted to all types of roofing supports such as batten rolls, self-support trays, and standing seams, making it ideal for new builds and renovation projects.

Steel is modern – Contemporary designers love steel, so much so that many view it as the epitome of modern design. Steel’s impressive strength to weight ratio makes it possible to span greater distances and therefore create larger and more open spaces, and steel can be textured and finished to suit almost any design.

Steel is strong – Steel can withstand everything from high winds and rain to fire and earthquakes, as well as termites and other insects. It won’t crack, warp, twist, split or rot, it can be treated to resist corrosion. Many manufacturers offer warranties that span decades.

Steel is sustainable – Unlike wood-framed houses, no trees are required in steel manufacturing. Steel is also highly recyclable, and because steel is often cut to size in the factory rather than at the job site there is next to no wastage involved.

Steel Housing With Steel Fabrication Services

If you need steel supply or just some professional advice, talk to the experts at Steel Fabrication Services. 

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