When it comes to fabricated steel products, customers have an endless array of options. In particular, galvanised sheet metal has proven to be one of the world’s most popular steel products.

Galvanised steel

But what is galvanised steel, how is it made and exactly why is it so popular? Keep reading to find out.

What is galvanised steel?

The process of galvanising steel involves applying a zinc coating to sheets of metal through a process known as “continuous hot-dip.” Steel sheets will pass through a bath of molten zinc until it is fully coated. The zinc, in hot liquid form, will bond to the steel, creating a protective layer.
When complete, the steel will resist corrosion without any additional or secondary painting or coating—as such, galvanising is the most efficient and cost-effective process for preserving steel from corrosion.

Why choose galvanised steel?

Galvanised steel isn’t popular for no reason. It offers many benefits, including strength, versatility and cost-effectiveness. 

Cost-effective: The hot-dip galvanisation process is relatively simple to complete and has a small number of steps, as far as metal fabrication processes go. As such, it is a lot more cost-effective than most other steel coating methods. 

Light-weight: For a steel material that is so strong, galvanised steel is pretty light too, making it the perfect material for a range of specific applications. 

Protection: The zinc coating on this steel offers a strong protective barrier that requires minimal upkeep. As a result, the steel material will last a long time and withstand a range of harsh conditions and environments.

Versatility: Look around; galvanised steels are so popular you can probably see it working in action right now! This type of steel has many diverse applications ranging from agriculture and recreation projects but is used in almost every single industry to some extent. Examples include wire, signs, pipes, guardrails, posts and nails.

Easy to use: Galvanised steel only requires one coating of zinc. As such, it is very easy to cut and paint galvanised steel to create various projects, looks and feels. 

Long-lasting: Galvanised steel will last for a very long time. In fact in Australia, it can last up to 50 years. Of course, how long the material lasts will depend on a number of factors such as location and climate. 

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