There is a vast array of steel products available on the market, which can make it challenging to determine exactly what you need to complete your project. High tensile steel is one such product which receives a lot of attention.

But what is high tensile steel, what are its benefits and what are its applications? Read on to find out.


What is high tensile steel?

The easiest way to understand what high tensile steel means, is first to learn the definition of the word “tensile”. The term “tensile” refers to the amount of stress a material can endure before breaking or failing. As such, high tensile steel can undergo significant stress before any damage is done. High tensile steel will undergo a number of treatments in order to increase its durability, malleability and ductility. It possesses additional alloying ingredients such as chromium, molybdenum, silicon, manganese, nickel and vanadium and is treated and quenched to achieve a new hardness, which is far stronger than other steels on the market.

The benefits of high tensile steel

Due to the lengthy process which is involved in creating high tensile steel, it is often seen as an expensive steel product, causing many people to question whether it is truly worth the extra expense. However, there are a number of significant benefits of high tensile steel which should be considered. They include:

  • High tensile steel produces fewer carbon emissions compared to iron-ore based steel production.
  • Low tare weight, which is especially beneficial to the transport industry as it allows better fuel consumption.
  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion.
  • Significant heat resistance 


The applications of high tensile steel

High tensile steel can be an excellent choice of material for a huge range of applications. In particular, its robustness and durability make it a suitable material for the transport, manufacturing and construction industries. Some examples of its most common uses include:

  • The design and construction of trailers and trucks
  • Spring applications such as bungee cords
  • Mechanical engineering applications such as engine parts, shafts and rotors
  • Large scale constructions such as bridges 


Few materials can compare with the strength, durability and versatility that you get from steel, with high tensile steel being an especially high-quality product available on the market. You can rest assured knowing that steel is the best choice, providing long-term, consistent performance. If you need quality steel that is fabricated to suit your unique needs, contact Steel Fabrication Services today. Our team of expert structural steel fabricators have the experience and knowledge to answer any of your questions and will ensure that you find the best solution to suit your needs. To contact us today, simply call, fax, email or drop by our Brookvale location.