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Many people underestimate the importance of Australia’s steel industry. Steel is a major resource involved in creating infrastructure, with the industry providing 90,000-100,000 jobs for people in Australia. 

There are many stakeholders involved in the Aussie steel industry. Take a look at why the Australian steel industry matters.

A reliable industry

There are a plethora of industries that rely on the steel industry in various ways. The key industries that rely on the production of steel manufacturing products are manufacturing and construction (48.7% and 42.6% respectively). However, mining also relies on the production of these steel manufacturing products, with mining amounting to the remaining 5.3%.

Consistent quality

There are obvious arguments in support of Australian steel over other international players: quality. However, as some turn to international suppliers to save money, they are discovering the importance of quality steel products. Australian steel, is unequivocally more reliable than its international counterparts. Quality disparities are considerably lower, as are any underlying concerns regarding the source of materials.

Support for the Local Economy

Another important consideration when purchasing Australian steel is the positive influence you will have on local businesses and the economy. This part of our consideration does not merely refer to the support of a single business. It is a progressive industry mindset that ensures that every Australian part of the steel supply chain, is rewarded for its hard work, and can remain competitive in an increasingly challenging international market.

A bright future

As we approach the future of the Steel Industry, Australian steel fabricators must remain vigilant in the face of commercial adversary. Roadblocks to success like the global glut in steel, subsidies and dumping measures, erode the possibility of revolutionising this nation’s finest and most treasured export. The future will involve challenges to our beloved steel industry, a public outreach to local steel businesses may be the antidote our steel economy so surely needs.

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