There are three major steel tube types in steel fabrication – regular hollow sections, square hollow section and circular hollow sections. As their name suggests, steel tubes have a hollow tubular section in the middle.

steel tube

Steel tubes are hollow steel sections. They can either be square, circular or rectangular.

Steel Tubes are a vital resource for industrial and domestic purposes. In an industrial setting, steel tubes are used for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. For domestic use, steel tubes have become a mainstay for gas pipes and are used in various appliances. Let’s take a look at the three main types of steel tubes. 

Circular Hollow Sections

Circular Hollow Sections have hollow tubular cross sections and have a much higher resistance to torsion that tapered flange beams. The walls’ thickness is uniform around the entire circle, making these beams great for use with multi-axis loading applications.

steel tubes

Rectangular Hollow Sections

These are similar to circular hollow sections; however, they have rectangular cross-sections. They are very popular in many mechanical and structural applications. Their flat surfaces make them prime for use in joining and fabrication.

steel tubes

Square Hollow Sections

Like their hollow section brothers but with square cross-sections, these are used in smaller applications such as columns or posts. However, they are unsuitable for beams as their shapes are inherently difficult to bolt into other shapes. They are also known as ‘box sections’.

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