While steel is one of the most resilient and versatile materials you can build with today, it is still susceptible to corrosion. This in turn can affect its integrity, durability and aesthetics. Thankfully there are ways you can protect your steel against different types of corrosion through surface treatment.

Unlike hot dipping zinc spray metalising is a ‘cold process’, meaning there is no risk of distorting the steel section. This makes it ideal for ornate metal components such as railings and fences.

Hot zinc spray uses metallisation wire 02E zinc. Through grit blasting to SA2.5 to provide the best possible key for the zinc layer, surface pre-treatment is achieved. Zinc is applied to spec, normally 50-100 microns. Let’s take a look at what it is and the process involved.

What Is Zinc Spray Metallising?

While it doesn’t provide quite the same protection as hot dip galvanising, this technique is highly effective against corrosion and is popular for its smooth finish.

First the steel is shot blasted to create a roughened surface then the zinc spray is applied almost immediately, resulting in a solid bond being formed between the zinc and the steel. Because this is a ‘cold process’ there is no risk of distorting the metal, making it ideal for use on ornate metal components such as railings and fences.

What Is The Process?

As with hot dipping, the metalising process beings with proper surface preparation to remove any contaminants.  Next, zinc wire is continuously melted in an electric arc spray or gas flame gun and sprayed onto the steel to form a protective coating (both a barrier and a galvanic coating).

For more information on the different types of corrosion you will want to protect your steel from, please see below:

• Uniform attack corrosion
• Pitting corrosion
• Intergranular corrosion
• Crevice corrosion
• Galvanic corrosion

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