Steel is rarely beaten when it comes to building materials. Its properties such as durability and resistance have kept it as a mainstay in the construction industry, but what makes it superior to other materials? 

Steel Building

These are some of the valid reasons steel is prioritised over other building materials in the construction industry.

There are multiple explanations as to why steel is chosen over materials such as wood and plastics. This article will cover some of the most common reasons, and why these reasons are so significant. 

Steel is durable

Let’s start with the obvious. When properly treated, steel is far more durable than most types of wood. It can also withstand intense changes in temperature, boasting an operation range of -101C to +871C. Yes, it can withstand some bushfires, which is very important for enduring our sunburnt country.

Perhaps best of all, steel is immune to the likes of mould and termite damage, which is the kyptonite of wood-based constructions. Unlike plastics, steel is also impervious to water absorption, making it a staple for underwater projects. Though steel appears more expensive than alternative materials, due to its long term endurance it safely becomes the most cost-effective means to construction. 

Steel is more environmentally-friendly

Steel Fab doesn’t forget about its environment impact. As you know, plastics are the biggest killer to our oceans. They’re often made from petroleum, which is not only non-renewable, but often imported as well. Gathering wood isn’t much better. Collecting timber results in harmful deforestation and loggings. Meanwhile, steel is free from these global concerns. No trees required.

Steel can also be continuously recycled and re-used, without dampening in quality. This is a huge cost saver, as it saves builders from rebuying as much as they would need to with non-recyclable resources. 

Steel is efficient to work with

Steel has multiple areas of efficiency that other materials just can’t come compete with. It can be built and assembled quickly, meaning fewer labour workers and reduced road blocking times and fees. It is light, yet only requires minimal foundations due to its structural integrity. It also creates less dust, noise pollution and construction mess on a work-site, compared to alternatives like concrete. Maintanence for steel is also minimal, when you compare it to materials such as wood, which requires regular oiling to avoid drying out. 

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