Industrial steel in Sydney is ubiquitous. Steel fabrication for industrial purposes can allude to any number of different sectors, and Steel Fabrication Services are proud to operate as a full line steel service.

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The depth of practicality that industrial steel has in the modern world is truly incredible, and there’s a reason why it is so widely used.

Types of Contemporary Industrial Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel accounts for 90% of all industrial steel production in Australia. It has remained mostly unchanged for hundreds of years, due mostly to its inherent simplicity: it is made from only two elements, iron and carbon. These kinds of steels are often galvanised, through either a hot-dip or surface treatment with zinc.

Alloy Steel

Alloy steels are a combination of multiple elements to create a more ductile material. Stainless steel is a common example which contains a minimum of 11% chromium, plus nickel, in order to avoid corrosion. Tool steels are alloyed with tungsten or cobalt in order to maximise solution hardening. Whethering steel, Englin steel and Maraging steel are other examples of modern industrial alloys.

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Use of Industrial Steel

Steel is extremely versatile and is prime for use in a wide variety of industrial applications:

Construction – The majority of steel produced is used in the construction industry. Steel is extremely recyclable as it loses very little integrity in the reproduction process and can be reapplied in any number of ways. It is favoured by designers due to its adaptability and can be implemented in almost any infrastructural environment. From railways to skyscrapers, steel has contributed to gargantuan growth of humanity in recent centuries. Quite literally.

Transport – Steel is the backbone of Australian transport. Industrial steel is favoured in the manufacturing of cars, trucks, boats, trains and planes due to its strength, versatility and resistance to corrosion.

Energy – Steel is also an integral part of the energy industry, used mainly in oil and gas production, pipeline distribution, wind turbines, transmission towers, and electrical turbine components.

The Appliance Industry – Over 70% of household appliances are made from industrial steel. Think ovens, stovetops, fridges, washing machines and sinks.

Packaging – Steel cans have been one of the most reliable forms of food and beverage packaging for over 200 years. It is air-tight and fully recyclable.

The depth of practicality that steel fabrication has in the modern world is truly incredible. Steel Fabrication Services are proud to work in range of fields in the steel industry, from steel detailing and drafting, steel installation and delivery and working with structural steel.

If you need professional advice from a steel fabricator, or to get a steel quote from us, contact us here, because no one knows steel like we do.